The Importance of a Good Website Design

To show the significance of a fantastic site design into perspective, imagine when you’re buying a t-shirt. To start with what can you consider the plan of this t-shirt; naturally well many individuals do, aside from the material element. But let us presume that all other variables are constant, would not the looks or design, become the important variable then?

Here are two scenarios:

Situation a: a site with great website design and stunning images. Fantastic color schemes with top quality images, fantastic layout positioning, appropriate fonts and word sizes.

Situation b: a site inversely outfitted with hideous images and amateur fuzzy images concerning resolution, quality and relevancy. Awful color schemes; reddish pictures using a glowing green background.

Situations a traffic that enter the site are instantly awestruck by the plan and art. The nicely placed pictures and layouts will somewhat enhance the favorable nature of this company/website.

Unpleasant environment as a result of severe lack of imagination and poorly taken pictures would not help in bringing people. Fonts which were difficult to be read, let alone understood, and mismatching topics in terms of color, is not exactly welcoming, can it be?