Spam Call Quick Solve

Spam calls are unwanted messages sent over the phone to various recipients, many of who are not interested in receiving the message. Other than being a nuisance, at times they can also be dangerous. This is because some of the calls are designed to steal your personal information or your businesses’ information. Without the right solution, you will continue to receive spam calls that make you vulnerable to unsuspecting phone scams.

Spam calls that do not adhere to the government communication laws in a country can be categorized as illegal robocalls and illegal scam calls. Illegal robocalls are non-emergency phone calls that broadcasts a pre-recorded message which you have not given permission to receive. These types of calls may come from legally registered businesses that do not appropriately comply to the law, or illegal scammers impersonating a legal company in order to steal from you. Illegal scam calls are typically made from a real person whose objective is to steal your money, property, or personal information.

A simple solve to pinpoint if the call you are receiving is an illegal spam call is to recall if you have agreed to receiving phone calls from this firm. If you have the phone number of the caller, you could do a reverse phone lookup to get details of which company is calling you. If you have not agreed to opt in for such calls, it would be safe to assume that the phone call is illegal spam. To prevent yourself from receiving these calls in the first place, check if your phone number is publicly available in internet search engines.

Technology has made personal information vulnerable on the internet and public databases for these questionable groups of spam callers. One occurrence is that your phone number is associated with your social media accounts and this makes it an easy target. Thus, we should constantly be wary of where we share our personal information.