Saying No at a Timeshare Presentation and Getting the Best Price

Do you need to learn how to say no in a timeshare presentation? Now if you’re planning to get, then it’s also good to understand how to get yourself into the finish line with the best possible price on your new timeshare vacation packages.

The first step is to locate the timeshare places on your holiday destination. Then, when you request information they’ll provide you with discounted tickets if you’re prepared to attend a few hour presentation. They usually feed you too. Now you may wish to negotiate to get free tickets or it’s not really worthwhile for you. They’ll give them to you in case you play the game.

Second, you will need to plan it out with your spouse or your partner beforehand. Get your story straight before going in and start managing the sales person and their supervisors. You will need to think of a fantastic excuse to get you out of it and stick with your story. Be certain to continually say no until they’ve offered you what they possibly can. They’ll get mad and you simply have to ignore them.

Third, if you’re wanting to purchase, then in the time that the supervisor comes over and makes that final deal, you need to say yes and buy the timeshare. This is their final and cheapest offer, they’ll make before attempting to convince you to find some kind of vacation package together to give it a try. If you’re not seeking to buy, then just say no to the offer and the holiday so that you can enjoy your complimentary gifts.

Last, be certain that you always say no and just let them know you don’t make decisions on a whim. They won’t want to give you an opportunity to consider it since it’s an impulse purchase, or they appear to believe it is. But when saying no in a timeshare presentation don’t get cute with it. Just be firm and follow your story and you’ll get out with your free things.