Best Budget Gaming Chairs

Finding a gaming chair is tough especially if you have a limited budget of $100. Popular gaming chairs usually cost more than that and while there are many people who urged gamers to just invest more money into a better quality chair, you would if you could. However, not to worry, here are some gaming chairs under $100 for you to decide from.

Merax High Back Gaming Chair

The Merax High Back gaming chair is full ergonomics and comfort. This budget chair includes a thick padded seat, backrest, armrest, and pillow, making it an ideal chair for straightening up your back and correcting your posture while at the same time, you can get achieve a great level of comfort.

Giantex Race Car Gaming Chair

For a more elegant touch, the Giantext Race Car gaming chair uses a plush mesh material that covers the chair and armrests. It is also easily adjustable and is very ergonomic for the head and back, making it a really comfortable chair.

Big Joe Bean Bag Chair

This chair is different from what you normally find as a gaming chair. However, it still gives a lot of comfort, especially for console players. As a bean bag chair, it is quite sturdy and is able to support the back when you lean your body.

If none of this makes the catch, perhaps going through a rather more extensive research could help you. A polish site called is a gaming chair review website, also known as “krzesła gamingowe” or “fotele gamingowe” in Polish. You can easily find chairs under $140 at their  “fotel dla gracza do 500 zł” section, which translate to “Gaming Chairs under 500 Polish Zloty”. While you’re at it, you could check out the extensive research and reviews done by the site on their ranking system which they call the  “fotele dla graczy ranking”, where you’ll be able to find a list of gaming chairs ranked according to customer reviews.