September 3, 2018

Why You Should Monitor Your Child's Internet Use

The internet is a wonderful place for users to gain knowledge and have basic daily tasks done such as ordering new items, banking errands, or booking a flight. The capabilities that exist within the world wide web can be an endless discovery as more and more information is being uploaded every day. However, not everything on the internet is good. There exist horrible sections that not everyone would like to see and certainly not one your child should set their eyes on.

If your child is on the computer on a regular basis, it should be a norm for parents to regularly monitor their child’s internet usage and searches. Unlike adults, children are not aware of the dangers that lurk beyond the internet. Many cases of children getting involved in anonymous chat rooms have led to the kidnapping and home burglary. We’ve taught children how to say no to strangers in public, but what of the internet?

Other than downloading odd applications or search histories like “how to hack WhatsApp”, one of the most common problems with the internet is cyberbullying. Children who experience emotional distress from social media, online games, or any areas where interaction with another user exists, may not tell their parents how they feel. It is important for parents to regularly check if someone is bullying their child, or if their child is cyberbullying others.

Not only that, other concerns involve online predators that target children and adolescents. As we don’t really know the identity of many users on the internet, sometimes the person you’re talking to online isn’t really who they say they are. Be sure to educate your child on the importance of not sharing any personal information and pictures to people whom they don’t know online, even if they think it doesn’t hurt them physically at that moment.