July 10, 2018

Sakong II Invited to Join the Chair Committee for the G20 Seoul Summit in 2010

South Korea welcomed the recent proposal to form a secretariat for Group 20. Sakong Il, chairman of the organizing committee for the G20 summit in the South Korean capital, said Seoul hopes the issue will be addressed during the summit.

“In the current circumstances, we have to continue working with the G-20 forum because G-8 cannot be the answer,” he said at an international symposium at the Seoul Summit. “It is true there are some pessimistic views about the future of the G20, but as chair of the forum, he ensured that he is determined to make the G20 Summit in South Korea a success,” he said. In the same way, South Korea also welcomed the proposal of French President Nicolas Sarkozy to form the G-20 Secretariat, he noted, a move that would show the ability of G20 member countries to continue holding the economic forum.

The summit of the 20 largest countries with the fastest growth in the world was first launched during late 2008 at the onset of the ongoing global crisis. It has since been named the “Premier Forum for Economic Cooperation” of the world, filling the steering committee role of the world that has long been played by G8, or Group of Eight most advanced and powerful countries in the world. “There is a need to solidify the status of the G20 summit as the world’s top referrer economic committee,” Sakong Il told during the meeting.

Sakong, however, emphasized the need for a global forum that focuses on the matters of international issues, rather than regional or bilateral disputes, such as the ongoing dispute between the United States and China over the recent grouping of its local currency.

Discussions on macroeconomic policies such as money currency issues are underway in the mutual valuation process of the G-20 as part of efforts to implement a framework on sustainable and balanced growth agreed at the Pittsburgh summit that was held in September 2009.

Breast milk - An Essential for Babies

Is it safe for my baby to have my breast milk?

Can I give my baby food aside from my milk?

New mothers are always afraid to do something that they think that can cause harm to their baby. They always seek for the best answers that will help them decide which should be done and how to do it properly. This is a normal scene for mothers who are giving all their care and love for their precious baby. But why do babies need to be fed by breast milk? Before a mother can start breast feeding, it is important to know whether the mother have the potential in producing milk. Always ask the doctor’s advice and be informed before feeding your baby.

So what is baby breastfeeding and why is it essential to new born babies?

Breast feeding is feeding the baby with the milk coming from the mother. It only gives milk after pregnancy so the baby can enjoy a delicious and healthy food just for him. Breast milk provides a quality and balance food for you baby. It is a mix of vitamins, minerals, protein, and calories that will help the baby’s body to develop.

The milk also contains antibodies that will boost the immune system of the baby which will help him fight off bacteria and viruses. Breast feed is better that formulated milk because it contains less insulin than of the latter. It lowers the risks of having respiratory problems, allergies and even deadly diseases such as diabetes and high cholesterol which can cause cardiac related problems.

Breast feeding also burns extra calories that will help the mother lose weight after pregnancy. It also releases a chemical in the body called oxytocin to help the mother relax. Breast feeding is beneficial both to the baby and the mother. So don’t be afraid and start nursing your baby today.


Among the greatest things about Minecraft is your wonderful community.

With all these methods to attach from numerous devices, we wanted to discuss some alterations to Minecraft made to guarantee everybody has a positive and secure experience, in addition to some online security tips.

We consider improving online security is a continuous work. These changes are only 1 step in the way people at Minecraft are focusing on producing online gameplay everybody is able to enjoy. But we also need that your input signal. In case you have some ideas for how we could enhance online multiplayer adventures, or have some comments for our staff, please discuss your thoughts at feedback.minecraft.net – we read each one. A secure and relaxing experience begins with a fantastic neighborhood, so thank you for sharing your own input signal, and being the superb Minecraft participant which you’re!

Xbox Live is a social platform for players, that is totally free to join, does not need an Xbox console and gives you your own Gamertag — additionally employed as your title when playing Minecraft!

Starting with the Better Together upgrade, you will have to get a gamertag of your personal computer to link to online multiplayer adventures, whether that is a Realm, a formal host spouse or a hosted Minecraft world through an IP address.

By producing an Xbox Live accounts and Gamertag, when logging in you can place your personal multiplayer and privacy tastes, create and manage accounts to your loved one’s members and stake your claim in your title in the minecraft pvp servers world class. Additionally, because everybody is going to get an account, should you encounter any creepers destroying the pleasure, it’s easy to report them and also for our Enforcement staff to spot the participant in question.

Obviously, if you’re playing on a local area network (LAN) link, you won’t have to sign in to perform with friends around exactly the exact same network.