July 2, 2018

Ideal Spot Weight Loss Procedures

Even if you’re diligent about your daily diet and workout regimen, there are a number of regions of the body where the fat simply will not budge. As you can not spot-reduce body fat with exercise you may want the support of a plastic surgeon to eliminate those stubborn inches. There are several alternatives for spot fat loss, and all these are done on an outpatient basis with minimum downtime.

Your physician can conduct a detailed consultation and recommend a process that may eliminate these additional pockets of body fat permanently.

Zeltiq CoolSculpting

Zeltiq is among the latest spot fat reduction processes offered in the USA. The dead fat cells can then be flushed from the body via the lymphatic and removal system. As this procedure can take a couple weeks, you will want to be patient with viewing results. However, many individuals have reported up to a 25 percent decrease in body fat from the treated areas. It’s possible to experience a series of treatments spaced four to six months apart for more spot fat loss.


Zerona is just another noninvasive fat loss process that’s been spotlighted by the press. This process employs a cold laser technology to divide the fat cells with no incisions, surgery as well as touching skin. The capsules are just placed over the skin and also help to publish the fat out of cells. Since the cells aren’t permanently damaged or removed at all, there’s still the possibility that fat will come back in the treated areas.


Mesotherapy injections are available in the USA for many decades. It is a standardized process that involves injecting a combination of amino acids, minerals, enzymes, plant extracts and vitamins right into the fatty tissues. This process does create lasting effects but there are some risks involved, such as allergic reactions, excessive inflammation, as well as also the chance of permanent swelling and lumps from the treated region.

VASER Liposuction

This process can eliminate modest pockets of unwanted body fat and lumps around the waist, thighs, hips and buttocks and tummy. If you have been struggling with shedding a couple of stubborn inches out of smaller regions of the human body, you might be a fantastic candidate for your VASER lipo process.

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